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Post by Adam » Tue Sep 24, 2019 8:32 pm

I know I am going to open up a bag of worms here... If our office would explode and nothing could be recovered from the building, are there any data backups taken already?

My concern is if there is a disaster in our office, such as fire or flood, and the PCs are un salvageable, would our data be lost for ever? Whilst loosing future bookings would be an inconvenience and we could muddle around it, I'm more concerned about the accounts/financial data.

Currently, I've written some scripts which run DBs overnight on a daily and weekly basis. These files are copied to dropbox which is constantly syncing. Theory is that these files will be available anywhere, should the worst happen. This is on top of the end of day.

Directories/files backed up daily are:
  • C:\Accounts\NewAccDB\Easybook2.mdb (Management)
  • C:\DMBackup\Easybook2.mdb (Alpha)
Directories/files backed up Weekly are:
  • C:\Easybook (Alpha)
  • C:\Accounts (Management)
  • C:\DMBackup (Alpha)
Wrongly or rightly, these are the files which I've seen to be important.

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