Time Out, Job Reject, Return Job and No Pick Up Statistics

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Time Out, Job Reject, Return Job and No Pick Up Statistics

Post by dm.dean » Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:44 pm

Time Out, Job Reject, Job Return and No Pick Up statistics based on the total vehicle job offers over the previous 6 weeks

Easybook can be asked to display statistics based on the number of jobs that have been offered to a vehicle over the previous 6 weeks and it provides a percentage of those jobs that have been:-

Missed - also known as a Timeout that means the job offer has been ignored
Refused - known as rejected without looking at the job details, unseen
Sent Back - jobs looked at and sent back also known as wrong car
No Pickups

These statistics can be extremely useful when a Base Controller draws your attention to a particular vehicle and complains that something needs to be done! i.e. kick them off the firm or have a serious chat with them. My point here is that it illustrates a cars behaviour which can be compared across the whole fleet and can highlight if your staff have a vendetta against one particular vehicle or in most cases their allegations can be substantiated.

To view the records you need to Navigate to the Management Panel and under the heading Cars/Drivers
You are presented with a screen list as follows:

List Car
List Driver
View Shift Times
Edit Car Types
Edit Shift Times

Choose List Car and select CAR 1 by clicking your left mouse on Car 1 this will highlight the vehicle details in blue
Above Car 1 find the button called Stats and select this with a left mouse click and wait - you should see black boxes travel across the screen from left to right as it downloads the data for ALL CARS

When this data download has completed it displays a car Statistics Box and shows the job allocation records
Important Note: The first time you run this query to display the car statistics close down the yellow box and start again by selecting the Car that you wish to look at.

The records deal with vehicles only and not particular drivers

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