Multi Driver vehicle setup

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Multi Driver vehicle setup

Post by dm.dean » Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:37 pm

Setting Up a Multi Driver vehicle

If you operate a vehicle with a single Driver setup then usally the Car Number and Driver Number are the same, if that vehicle then changes to have the
owner/driver operate the vehicle during the day and then have a different driver for the evening then that vehicle needs ammending to a MULTI CAR setup
This is essential if you use the OFFICE ASSISTANT to ring the vehicle driver because it requests a call to the Driver assigned to that vehicle at that very moment.
Each Driver needs to be given their own Driver Number and it is important their mobile telephone number is entered as well as their Badge details as these are essential if
you are using the MONITOR and OFFICE ASSISTANT functions

So to create a MULTI DRIVER vehicle you need to get to the 'CARS/DRIVER' section of the management panel

You are presented with a screen as follows:

List Car
List Driver
View Shift Times
Edit Car Types
Edit Shift Times

Select List Driver and choose an unused driver using a double left click to open the Driver details panel
Follow its format completing their Name, Mobile Tel and the Badge Exp
The more information entered will be displayed on Alpha later when entering the Car number plus S and I then PAGE DOWN especially when their details are needed in a hurry
In this panel you will see a Pin Num which is set as standard as 1234. You can change this after a consultation with the driver and I normally use their Badge Number for ease of use
By choosing a unique number and changing the SETTINGS/PDA SETTINGS to PIN REQUIRED then there is no error in the wrong driver logging onto the vehicle being driven
Select save and close the box at the red X

We now need to set the correct vehicle to MULTI DRIVER so under the heading CARS/DRIVER select List Car
Choose a vehicle number by selecting it using a double left click to open the Car details panel
At the very top right of the panel it states DRIVER, in this box select (zero) 0 MULTIDRIVER and select SAVE

This completes the setup of a MULTI DRIVER vehicle and after either a Alpha logout or an end of day the new settings will work

We discussed earlier the use of a Driver Pin Number and to action its use it is turned on or off under the heading 'SETTINGS' 'PDA SETTINGS'
In this panel you will see tick boxes for

Lock Cars
Lock Drivers

If you wish the driver to use a pin to confirm their identity untick 'Lock Driver' and select SAVE and close the white X

Again these settings become active with a logout and exit of Alpha and a log in but this time the PDA will also require a logoff and exit for the settings to alter.

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