Operator Notes E.g. Address, Passwords

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Operator Notes E.g. Address, Passwords

Post by dm.dean » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:45 am

How to create a Password to book from a specific Address

This scenario is used when bad customers try continually to book a taxi from a decent address that encourages you to Barr them
yet it is often the case that they are the victims and very good customers with bad neighbours.

So to create a PASSWORD for a specific Address you need to get to the 'ADDRESS DATABASE' section of the management panel

You are presented with a screen as follows:

New Barred
Restrict Car
Restrict Driver
Auto Tag
Operator Note
Auto Comment

Select Operator Note with your left mouse click and enter the full First line of their Address and when it appears select it with your
mouse and then press enter (enter is important here not 2x mouse clicks) i.e. 12 HIGH ST

In the Message line type PASSWORD REQUIRED and then the password agreed and click SAVE

The Notes line are for your historical record and are not displayed to the telephonist.

You will see a list grow in the Barred/Special list.
The settings will be applied after the next end of day or a sequence of Alpha log out and back in followed by each booking machine

It is important to type in the correct spelling for the address, for example if the address database is rd and not road or cl and not close.
If you get it wrong you can edit it later

By doing this it flashes the Operator Note onto the lower Pink Warning Bar and displays a yellow message panel over the Map when placing a booking from the address

You can of course use this for a telephonist reminder of anything that's important about the address

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