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Geo Fencing Options

Post by dm.dean » Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:29 pm

From version 3.8 b 1196+ options have been added to provide Limits to where the driver can do certain functions and enabled. These can be found in the Management Panel -> Settings -> Driver Settings.
also note the PDAs must be on version build 57

Ringback Distance - This set how close the driver has to be before they can do a ring/text back. stops them sending to early

Min POB Distance - This only allows the car to go POB or No show when a car has actuallly reached the pick up point, this stops them no showing in the wrong place or just running a job though without doing it. Should the car have a genuine reason (i.e. address marked up wrong on map) for not reaching the POB point, the operator can force them POB by pressing [Car num] + S + P on alpha

Auto POB - This will Automatically put the car POB if the car has been to the pickup and then driven away without selecting an option. note they will get 3 audio warning before it changes. This will stop the driver forgetting to go POB or not going POB so the meter price will not be show to the customer.

Auto Soon Clear - This will put the car soon clear when its in range of the drop off point

Min Clearing Distance - This sets how far from the drop location the car is before the car is allowed to clear, This prevents early clearing. If the can't clear i.e. there dropping at a different location. The driver will have to select "Change Destination" in the car and select a new area (note it can be the same area)

There is a final setting that is for tweaking Residential Adjustment this allow an extra offset to added to the values when selecting a road, this is because roads are not a single point, the value is * 100 meters. so 3 would add an extra 300 meter onto the values.
note if you've got a very large road, you may need to split these roads into multiple sections via house numbers (This is beneficial to bidding too)

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